Altered: Ordinary People Transformed

As Jesus wandered throughout Israel and other regions, he encountered ordinary people. People came from miles around to find him, and many left to bring others to him. Something happened to people when they met Jesus. Even now, something still happens when people encounter Jesus. No one who meets Jesus stays the same.

Encountering Jesus necessitates a change in how you live. Even those who get to know Jesus and choose not to follow are still affected by crossing paths with him. In our next series taken from the book of Luke, we will see what happens to those who came face to face with Jesus. Some choose to follow and others leave dejected, but everyone was Altered. Our hope for you over the next 4 weeks is that you will also have a life changing and transformative encounter with Jesus.

Follow along with this study and download the 4 week practice guide in your favorite ebook format below.

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