At Westbrook, we have studied God’s Word and explored how Jesus came to reveal the richness of God the Father and fulfill His plan for creation to be reconciled to Himself as the creator through Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection as victor over death. The result for us as His church is that Jesus is simply our Savior, but He also needs to be our Lord! What kind of practical ramifications does the lordship of Jesus have in our daily lives? The temptation is to take the statement Jesus is Lord and keep it in some otherworldly realm, tucked away from anything that would actually intersect with the way we conduct our lives. But that is not what we see in the New Testament.

Join us as we start a new series called Conductivity.  It will be an exciting journey through chapters 9-12 of Luke. We trusting for God to move in power and for lasting revelation on truly living daily for King Jesus and letting him change the conduct and emotions of our lives.

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