Crash Student Ministries

Crash Student Ministries exists to help 7th-12th grade students encounter a God that is real to them. Too often, students don’t make faith their own. At Crash, everything we do is to help students understand why taking ownership of their faith is so important. Currently, our students meet at 11:50AM on Sundays in the Kingdom Avenue Chapel. However, we have some exciting changes taking place soon.

On Sunday, June 24th, our 7th-12th grade students will begin meeting at on Sunday nights from 5-7:30 at Westbrook. During this time, students will also have their Connect Groups. Here’s what a typical Sunday night will look like:

Check In/Food

Games/Study Hall


Connect Groups

We’re excited about the new possibilities that this change will bring. More students will be able to get involved with Westbrook services and Connect Groups. All of this will help our students encounter God in a way that is real to them.

For more information, check out their Facebook Page.

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