We’ve all probably said on a Sunday morning that we are going to church and when we refer to the church, we are often referring to the building that we go to on Sunday for a time of worship. The old saying, however, that we don’t go to church, but instead we are the church is actually full of deep truths. When we gather together on the weekends to worship and celebrate as a family, we aren’t coming to the church, we are coming together as the church. Not only that, but when we leave on Sundays, we are leaving to live as the church ever day in the world.

The church is the body of Christ called to live everyday like like Jesus in the world. In this study, we’re going to jump into the gospels and explore the life of Jesus together. We’re going to experience his teachings and ministry and see how Jesus set the example for how we are to be like him ever day..

We hope that you will come along as we discover what it means to practice the way of Jesus and to reach the people that were important to Him and close to His heart. This spring will kick of a sequence of messages from the Gospel of Luke at Westbrook. Everyday Church will show us what Church is all about, and therefore clarifying what we are all about. Join us March 10 – April 14 to explore Luke with us. Click the buttons below to download the Practice Guide to study along with this series. The buttons will take you to dropbox, but you don’t have to sign in to download the study.

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