2019 Goal: $67,000

Our goal of $67,000 is the total offerings from the weekend service of December 22 and 29.  Our general weekend offering need and the special ministry initiatives are blended together in this overall goal. 

Make A Way Offering: 

Our weekly need at Westbrook is $20,500.  These offerings provide for our facility, staff, ministry obligations and regular monthly mission support.  Our weekly need over these two weeks is $41,000.

Mosaic Vision Church Planting: 

We have been working toward the fulfillment of a long-term vision to plant Mosaic Congregations in every country and among every people that is represented here at Westbrook.  To date, there are 32 nations represented in our church.  Using 2018’s Christmas offering, we witnessed a stellar year in the fulfillment of this vision.  In addition to creating these multi-ethnic Mosaic congregations, like Gente Unida, we have a campus ministry presence in Germany, Mexico, Panamá and the Dominican Republic.  Lord willing, we hope to expand into Ghana, Colombia and Puerto Rico in 2020 if our 2019 goals are met.  We will go where the Lord opens doors of opportunities, but these countries are on our radar.  Keep your ears and eyes attuned to incredible updates on the Lord’s work!

Emergency Relief / International Aid: 

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis can damage communities and displace people in a single moment.  Westbrook wants to be at the ready to serve and provide financial relief when these occur.  Your involvement from a financial perspective allows Westbrook to immediately be a blessing to those in need. 

Global Connection: 

In 2019, our production team paved the way to take our weekend message videos to the next level as we prepare to LiveStream our weekend services.  This enhancement has been on our Christmas fund list for the past few years, but we have opted to use the funds given for more direct life-giving ministries.  Our 2020 plans continue to include using extra resources to allow Westbrook’s ministry to make a local and global impact.  

Debt Reduction: 

Like so many, regular care of our debt load is a constant strain. Any gifts above our stated goal will go directly to pay down our debts.  Westbrook looks with anticipation to the day when we will be debt free, which will free up monies to do significant and meaningful ministry to our community and our world. 

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