If you ever ask someone what is the best gift they have received, you will get different answers. However, the ones that will surely touch your heart will be ones where the gifts were created or personalized for that occasion. For example: How did you feel when your husband wrote a poem or a heartfelt letter to you? What were your emotions when your child made something especially for you? Have you tried renewing an old friendship? Did you ever tell your loved ones, friends, and the people you care about how lucky you are to have them in your lives or the reasons you love them?

While the gifts that we give to our friends and family at Christmas are pretty in paper and sentimental in nature, the real Gifts of Christmas are most assuredly gifts that money can’t buy.  The gift that God gave to us in Christ are priceless!   

Join us starting Sunday, December 8th, as we start a new series at Westbrook called Pretty Paper. 

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